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Writing at Our Lady’s


As a school we teach writing using a High-Quality text as the stimulus. This allows for key text examples to be explored alongside grammatical features to work towards a key piece of writing. We use Quality Text Books within our teaching to give the children the opportunity to access a variation of text types and to enhance the children’s vocabulary, within this we celebrate our writing.

         The approach is being used across KS1 and KS2 and looks like the following:

        Let’s Explore

The children will explore their text type. Understanding key grammatical concepts and ideas.

        Let’s Prepare

The children will work through a systematic sequence of learning to develop the skills they need to write.

        Let’s Write

We write using the skills we have learnt. Teachers model using shared writing. The children self-edit their work with guidance from the Teacher to make enhancements and improvements.

        Let’s Share

Writing for a Purpose- The children will share their writing by publishing their final drafts and sharing with an audience, eg another class.

What we would like our children to be like as writers by the end of Y6 

 Our aim is to support our children to develop into passionate, fluent, creative and effective writers.  We would like our children to be enthusiastic and motivated – keen to write for purpose and for pleasure – and willing to take risks when communicating their ideas on paper. At each stage of their learning journey, we want our children to take opportunities and meet the challenges that the next phase of their learning will bring with resilience and confidence. 

 What we would like our children to know and be able to do by the end of Y6 

We believe that each child has the right to create a toolkit of writing knowledge and skills, building on prior learning. 



  • Write - inspired by a range of high-quality texts and models. 
  • Plan, revise and evaluate their writing.  
  • Consider the audience and purpose of writing.  



  • Explore the relationship between words.  
  • Construct accurate, coherent and effective sentences. 



  • Create a broad and rich vocabulary. 
  • Develop a working schema of different topics.  
  • Have opportunities to be ambitious in their vocabulary choices. 



  • Apply a phonics-first approach to reading and writing.  
  • Develop a bank of sight-word strategies in order to spell common exception words.  
  • Understand spelling rules, patterns and word origins.  



  • Sufficiently develop the core strength and motor skills required for correct posture and pencil grip.  
  • Form and position letters correctly.  
  • Write legibly, joining when appropriate. 
  • Choose appropriate writing equipment.  


What we promise to offer our children in our writing provision  


  • A captivating curriculum that is well planned, containing a clear progression of knowledge and skills from EYFS to Y6 based on high-quality texts and models. 
  • A positive learning culture where children are encouraged and supported to think using a growth-mindset during the writing process. 
  • A stimulating learning environment where teachers have high expectations of what will be achieved and in which successes are celebrated and next steps are clearly shared.  
  • Lessons and teaching sequences which have a clear focus and purpose and clearly defined learning outcomes.  
  • Exposure to high-quality models and books with opportunities to take part in purposeful, exciting experiences.  


KS1 Progression Grid

KS2 Progression Grid

Overview of KS2 Spellings

Overview of Year 2 Spellings