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Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Life and Mission Policy 

This is a lovely clip explaing Catholic Social Teaching:

Catholic Life and Mission Report 

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Policy

The underlying insight is that everyone has the right and responsibility to live in our world constructively, not destructively and to ensure that we leave it in a better state than we entered it.  At the core of Catholic Social Teaching are a number of key concepts and principles.

At Our Lady's we focus on the following Catholic Social Teaching Principles:-

Human Dignity, Participation, Option for the Poor, Promoting Peace, The Common Good and Solidarity.  Stewardship is one of our School Values.

This autumn term each class is creating a display in the hall demonstrating what each of our School Values and Catholic Social Teaching Principles mean to them.  Each classroom also has a CST display and shares and celebrates when a pupil demonstrates that they have carried out a CST principle.  At each celebration assembly two pupils are also awarded a CST Certificiate to celebrate their actions.


You will also see in the Curriculum Year Group Overviews that we have selected a Catholic Social Teaching Principle for each half term in order to fully embed Catholic Social Teaching into our Curriculum and School Life.