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Meet The Governors





          Mrs G Zommerfield


I’d noticed that Our Lady’s were looking for a parent governor for some time and whilst it was something I’d never considered before, it was apparent after speaking with the CLerk that there were synergies between roles I’d held in my career and those of a parent governor. 


I feel I can utilise the skills gained to positively contribute to the overall education experience and learning environment that reflects a well-rounded, collaborative approach between pupils, parents and teachers to achieve shared goals. The aim is a positive learning environment where pupils thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

My passions lie in pupil well-being and the importance of open communication to create a supportive relationship that benefits all.

I meet with fellow governors, stakeholders, and teachers on a quarterly basis, as a minimum and make regular school visits to observe pupils within their learning environment.

Our Ladies are looking for an additional school governor – if you’d like to hear more about my experience to date, please feel free to contact me.




Mrs Sara Stephenson - Clerk to Governors


Mrs H Hathaway

Once my little people had begun to find some independence I began to think I needed something for myself, a way to give back but use my time & skills effectively. Cue attending Mass one Saturday & the then Chair of Govenrors came to implore & persuade for new foundation governors - it was meant to be! So, here I am getting involved, ensuring the education received by the children in the schools charge is top notch & holding them to account when it’s not. I am a cradle Catholic but also hold a degree in Catholic Divinity & have taught children’s liturgy for years so feel I have a useful insight as well as having my own children attending the school to make me want to help the school do & be better.



Mrs J Berry

I have been associated with the school since 2011; I work as part of the KS1 team in Year 1/2. My role as HLTA enables me to work collaboratively with my colleagues within the really supportive environment we have at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School.  As the subject leader for music, I have a committed interest in supporting children's well-being and thoroughly enjoy working within our wider school community. 


I joined the governor’s as I am passionate about making positive changes to support our school and children. I also want to ensure that staff at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School  have a voice and that their input and feedback is supported.


Mrs K O'Gara 

Having worked in Catholic Primary schools throughout the 14 years of my teaching career and before that been a pupil in such schools, I am passionate about the great all-encompassing education they can provide. For that reason, I am pleased to be able to share my experience and give support to this great school as a governor. 
Since leaving teaching I have been working as a health and safety officer so I will be the health and safety governor as well as the safeguarding governor and as a member of the parish I hope to be able to strengthen links with the Church.