Our Values and Ethos

This is our school… let love abide here. Love of one another, love of mankind. Love of life itself and love of God. Our Lady’s Primary School continues and complements the work of home and parish in caring for the Christian growth of your child and so we welcome each child and each parent as partners in Education.


Our school is a place of learning in which the normal process of academic and character training, mind and soul, are governed by the revealed truth of the Catholic Faith as held and taught by the Catholic Church.


Our school is a small community where we hope an atmosphere of welcome, visible care, concern and respect for people, the quality of display work, religious symbols and respect of property are a visible reality. We hope Our Lady’s School is a place which has the potential to speak of God’s loving care for each individual involved in the school’s life.


Our school is dedicated to the Mother of God who has a special place in the heart of every member of our community.