Welcome to Holly Class



Welcome to Holly Class!

Classroom organisation:

Staff: Miss Squire is the main class teacher and this year Miss Leydon will be our class Teaching Assistant. Miss Leydon will be teaching handwriting on a Tuesday afternoon and P.E on a Thursday afternoon. Every Thursday, the children will go to Miss Menzies for Jigsaw and Miss Whitcombe for computing.

Level of Work: The children will be following the National Curriculum scheme for Year 3 and 4, and this will be differentiated to ensure that all children find their learning stimulating, challenging and supportive at their own individual level.

Seating arrangements: The children will spend short periods on the carpet for whole class teaching and class discussions. Children will be able to work with a range of other pupils during each lesson and will sit in different seats within the room.

Behaviour: There are high expectations for achievement and behaviour.  The children will create and sign their own classroom agreement, showing what they fell we need for great learning. If children have not focused on their work during lesson time, they may be asked to miss some playtime to do the work that they are capable of. In KS2 children collect star tally points to gain star badges. These points will be given for good behaviour and excellent effort within lessons. Children will also be collecting house points for their saint teams.

Water bottles:  Please provide your child with a water bottle, these will be kept in a tray in the classroom, these can be used at appropriate times during the day.  Please fill these with only water.

Snack: In KS2, children are required to bring in their own snack. The snack should be healthy for example fruit or a plain biscuit (no oranges please). If you wish to pay for your child to have milk, please speak to Mrs Alison in the office for more details.

P.E. Days: Tuesday afternoons- with the sports coach.

Thursday afternoon – with Miss Leydon.

Correct kit: All children should bring blue shorts, red t-shirts, white socks, daps or trainers for PE. Children can wear a jumper outside but not a coat. Please label all kit. Children without kit may be asked to wear any spare and available school kit.

Jewellery: No jewellery including bracelets, dangly earrings or charity bands. Stud earrings only. No earrings on PE days please.

Homework: All home work will be given on a Friday and should be handed in on Friday of the following week. Spellings will be given out each Friday with a weekly spelling dictation. Please help your child to learn their spellings in different ways, i.e. putting the word into a sentence and playing spelling games.

Children will receive numeracy homework or literacy each week linked to their class work for that week. There will also be the home learning task which is explained in the curriculum newsletter.

Reading books and Reading Record: Please sign your child’s reading record and mark how many times they have read to you. We can then ensure that your child receives their sticker and certificate!  Please try to hear your child read daily and help them to develop their comprehension skills by asking them about the text they are reading. This will give them the opportunity to recall and describe events, discuss characters and develop their inference skills.  The children are now able to change their own reading books and will be given time in the week to do so.

Attendance: We have a really full time table, so please try to ensure your child is at school every day full of energy to learn. It is very difficult for us to catch up missed learning and this is a disadvantage to your child's achievement.

Picking Up: Please can you let the office know if your child will be picked up by another adult and whether this is regular or a one - off. This will help when dismissing the children.

Availability:  Please let Mrs Alison in the office know if you wish to meet with me. If you need a longer chat, please avoid Wednesday as I have a staff meeting.   I am planning to have some days during the year for you to come in and work with your children/see what we have been doing during the year.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to meeting you.

Miss Squire