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Information about Our School Day


What is morning Class Prayer and Liturgy?

Some mornings (the days when there is no Gospel/whole school Prayer and Liturgy/class Prayer and Liturgy) the children begin the day with a short prayer and some reflection time,  based on Scripture or a Psalm shared.  

What is whole School Prayer and Liturgy?

Every Tuesday morning the children gather in the hall for Prayer and Liturgy.  This is linked to the liturgical season or other religious themes such as Saints, International Women day, Bullying, NSPCC etc. This is normally led by the Headteacher.   Members of Chaplaincy meet with Mrs Girton on a Monday to plan and help lead Prayer and Liturgy.

When is Singing Praise?

Every Thursday (after lunch) each class meets in the hall to sing songs of praise and practise hymns and songs that we use for our Collective Worship and for Masses.  This is led by Ruth Jenkins who also runs choir at lunchtimes for KS2.

What is whole Class Prayer and Liturgy? 

Each week the children focus on a theme for their class reflection which is normally linked to the time of the liturgical season. The children may listen to a prayer or Gospel reading, share their thoughts and ideas and perhaps carry out a piece of work, which goes into their class reflection book.  The children plan these sessions.

What is Gospel Assembly?

Each week, on a Monday afternoon, KS1/KS2 take it in turns to go to Church while the others stay at school to have class Gospel Worship.

What is Celebration Assembly?

Every other Friday the whole school community comes together to celebrate the achievements of the children in school that week; parents are also invited to attend. Children from each class receive a Headteacher's certificate linked with one of our school values, a Catholic Social Teaching certificate and a Reading certificate.

When is Mass?

Throughout the year we have the joy of celebrating the Sacrament of the Eucharist in St Luke and St Teresa’s Church, which is next to Our Lady’s school. Children help to prepare and lead the Mass through Altar Serving, reading the bidding prayers and bringing up the Offertory gifts. Parents, Carers and Special Guardians are invited to join us for Mass. There are leaflets at the church that have the responses to help you know what to say and do during a Mass. If you are not Catholic you are welcome to receive a blessing by making a simple cross with your arms, which informs the Priest.




The School Day at Our Ladys

07:45 Breakfast Club starts and finishes at 8.40am.


08:40 Courtyard gates open


08:50 Courtyard gates shut


08:55 Registration

09:00 Morning learning starts


10:10 School morning break (20 minutes)


10.40 School morning break (20 minutes)


12:00 KS1 lunchtime (1 hour)

12.10 KS2 lunchtime (1 hour)


13:00 KS1 pm Registration

13.10 KS2 pm Registration

13:05 KS1 afternoon learning resumes

13:15 KS2 afternoon learning resumes


15:30 School finishes, children collected from front of school


3.30pm -  5.00pm Tea time Club


Breakfast Club is £3.00 per child (£2.50 per child where there are 2 or more attending.


Tea Time Club Charges

To 4.00pm - £2.50per child or £2.00 per child where there are 2 or more attending

To 4.15pm - £3.00 per child or £2.50 per child where there are 2 or more attending

To 4.30pm - £4.00 per child or £3.50 per child where there are 2 or more attending

To 4.45pm - £5.00 per child or £4.25 per child where there are 2 or more attending 

To 5.00pm - £6.00 per child or £5.25 per child where there are 2 or more attending