Here are some of our home learning activities

I WONDER WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A TREE (by Adam - Holly Class)


My brother and I have done the report each with a bit of help from dad, but we did the editing and computer work. 

WOW Apple class children have settled in really well at Our Lady's!  They have had a busy Autumn 1 learning through play. They were learning about 'What makes them special?' 

In Autumn 1 Cherry class were learning the question 'Is a town better than a Village?'' They went on a walk around Wincanton, looking at the church, the park and houses. They even saw a duck being rescued at Cale Park! 

Willow created their own role play in Autumn 1. As a class they made a castle with a drawbridge! They loved learning about Castles and reading ''The Paper Princess'' They answered the question ''What was it like to live in a castle?'' 

Silver Birch had a busy Autumn 1 term. They went to Mrs Berry's garden

Oak class in Autumn 1 learnt all about the rainforests. They answered the question ''Do rainforests really matter?' At school they had ' a rainforest hook day', in the pictures you can see them measuring trees around the school!