Tout Hill, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9DH
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Who's Who!


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Danuta Girton - Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) RE Subject Lead

Mrs Sheila Loftus - Assistant Headteacher, DDSL, Beech Class Teacher, Curriculum Lead and Subject Lead for KS1 and KS2 Writing, KS2 Reading, PSHE, RSE and MFL/EAL

Mrs Sally Elvish - SENCO, DDSL, Designated Teacher for CLA, Mental Health Lead and Subject Lead for History

Mrs Sara Stephenson - DDSL- School Business Manager


Office Team

Mrs Sara Stephenson - School Business Manger

Miss Rachel Allison - School Administrative Officer


Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Acorn Class (EYFS and Year 1) - Mrs Lauren Burden (Class Teacher and Subject Leader for KS1 Maths/KS1 Reading and Phonics), Miss Katie Scolding (Teaching Assistant)  Mrs Sophie Lappin and Mrs Natalie Bridges (Learning Support Assistants)

Beech Class (Years 1/2) - Mrs Sheila Loftus (Class Teacher), Mrs Sally Elvish (Year 1 RE Teacher), Mrs Jenny Berry (HLTA and Subject Lead for Music) Mrs Sophie Lappin and Mrs Natalie Bridges (Learning Support Assistants)  

Holly Class (Years 3/4) - Mrs Sally Elvish (Class Teacher 3 days and Subject Leader for History and Mrs Tracie Woodcock (Class Teacher 2 days and Chaplaincy Lead), Mrs Sally Elvish and Mrs Annette Browne (Year 4 Maths Teachers), Mrs Woodcock and Mrs Girton (Year 3 Maths Teachers).  Mrs Rachel Piatrovich (Teaching Assistant),Ms Hayley Martin (Learning Support Assistant), Miss Tracy Vinnell (Learning Support Assistant in the mornings and ELSA in the afternoons)

Silver Birch Class (Year 4/5) - Mrs Kate Brannagan-Fuller (Class Teacher and Subject Lead for Science and KS2 Maths), Mrs Liz Morley (Teaching Assistant)

Oak Class (Year 6) - Mrs Helen Taylor (Class Teacher Monday to Wednesday, Subject Lead for Computing and Online Safety and PE), Mrs Emma Williams (Class Teacher Thursday and Friday, Subject Lead for Art, Design and Technology) Mrs Annette Browne (HLTA and EAL Co-ordinator)


Lunchtime Team

           Mrs Sophie Lappin, Mrs Audrey Martin, Mrs Jackie Slimm, 

         Mrs Natalie Bridges, Miss Tracy Vinnell, Miss Lorna Warburton


Wraparound Club 

Miss Katie Scolding, Mrs Liz Morley, Mrs Jenny Berry -   Breakfast Club Supervisors

 Mrs Rachel Piatrovich Tea Time Club Supervisor 

School Premises and Housekeeping Team

Mrs Sara Stephenson - Premises Manager

Mr Oliver Burden - Caretaker