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Marking had recently been reviewed by all staff to improve the progress of all pupils in every lesson. This is based on “Visible learning “by Shirley Clarke and John Hattie which states that:

• Feedback focuses on helping students improve.

• Students should be given every opportunity to feedback to teachers all the way through the lesson.

• Face to face feedback has more impact than marking.

Feedback works best when:

• Children understand what their success criteria are / they know where they are going….

• The next step / question is clear, specific and actionable and moves learning forward or looks to extend thinking

• Children are involved in their own assessment / peer review

• Children are given time to respond to the feedback at a relevant point in the learning cycle e.g. working with the teacher the next day or addressing a misconception in the middle of a lesson

• Feedback is given at the right time to enable children to adapt and re-think their work e.g. within a lesson through verbal feedback.

• The feedback given has impacted on future learning e.g. the child has taken the feedback on board and you can see this in future work

• Lessons are adapted throughout the learning journey based on the needs of the children.

Our updated Marking code with the expectation of live marking in every lesson is shown below.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Marking Code        January 2023

Feedback moves our Learning forward is our vision for maximising the progress of all pupils in every lesson.

We do this through live marking, by all staff, in every lesson.

 Displayed in every class.

Children use the five Bs to support their learning.


Supported group work for part of a lesson.



Verbal communication during a lesson to support/refocus/extend.


  Said x3




Block used for child to write the correct letter/number formation.

Spellings write the correct spelling alongside the block for pupils to write x3 underneath in purple pen.

Success criteria

Visible on the board for every lesson- to include challenge opportunities.


Use the block for spellings – religious and key words.

Next steps to be written in green( or purple by children) to be completed at the end of lesson or start of the next lesson.

Traffic lights

Used in Maths – front page.

Ensure challenges are completed for green.

Challenge stamp

 Maths from year 2 onwards when mastery activities are completed.