Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School which is in the parish of St Luke & St Teresa is an established school in the community.

The Benedictines of Downside and the Franciscans of Clevedon undertook the pastoral care of the Parish until towards the end of 1881, when the discalced Carmelites took charge of it.

On 13th May the school was solemnly consecrated to Our Lady. The Somerset Education Authority accepted to maintain the school, so on 1st October 1975 the school began to function as a Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School.


The school is situated in the beautiful grounds of the former Carmelite Priory. From its small beginnings of a handful of children it has grown to its present size of over 130 children.

As from September 1995 the Order of Discalced Carmelites have withdrawn from Wincanton. The Diocese has provided one replacement priest who lives in the presbytery adjoining the church. The Priory and school site have now become the property of the Diocese of Clifton.

Although Our Lady’s Primary School is primarily a Roman Catholic School serving the extensive Catholic parish of Wincanton which includes the mass centres of Milborne Port and Castle Cary, it welcomes all children.