Welcome to Willow Class

Everything you need to know about Willow Class

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have already made an exciting start to the year in Willow Class. The children have settled well and are enjoying all the space they have got. I am very impressed with the children’s attitude to learning new things and becoming more independent. They are a fantastic group, and I look forward to teaching them for the rest of the year.

 Classroom organisation:

Staff: Miss Menzies is the main class teacher. Mrs James is the Learning Support Assistant.

 Level of Work: The children will be following the National Curriculum scheme for Year 2 and this will be differentiated to ensure that all children find their learning stimulating and challenging and supportive at their own individual level.

 Seating arrangements: The children will spend short periods on the carpet for whole class teaching, using their whiteboards to ensure active learning. They will be sat in different table groups depending on the task set.

 Behaviour: There are high expectations for achievement and behaviour. The children have written their own class rules and have been given helper roles around the classroom. There is a behaviour chart in the classroom, which children are able to move up or down dependent on their actions. They will be given warning about their behaviour and asked to make a better choice.

 Water bottles and snack: These are kept in a tray in the classroom. Please only fill these with water. Year 2 are provided with free fruit each day before break time.

 Correct kit: Children can wear a jumper outside for PE but not a coat. Please label all kit. Children will not be allowed to borrow kit from other children. Children without kit may be asked to wear any spare school kit or may be asked to sit out of the lesson. Children need to bring coats in to use at playtimes.

 Jewellery: No jewellery including bracelets, earrings or charity bands. Stud earrings only. No earrings on PE days please.

 Reading books and reading record: Please sign your child’s reading record and mark how many times they have read to you. We can then ensure that your child receives their stickers and certificates! Please try to hear your child read daily and help them to develop their comprehension skills by asking them about what they are reading. When a reading book needs changing the children have been shown how to do this themselves and will be reminded of times when they can change their own reading books.

 Attendance: We have a really full timetable so please try to ensure your child is at school every day full of energy to learn. It is very difficult for us to catch up missed learning and this is a disadvantage to your child’s achievement.

 Availability:  Please make an appointment with Mrs Allison in the office and come and see me after school. If you need a longer chat please avoid Tuesdays as I have a staff meeting and Thursdays when I run an after school club. You are always welcome to come to the classroom if you would like to see a class display or your child wants to share some of their work with you.

 Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Sarah Menzies