Information and Duties

Welcome to the Governors section of the school’s website.


The Governors work in partnership with the Headteacher, Clifton Diocese and Somerset Local Education Authority to secure the best possible education for every child in the school.


The Board of Governors has three core responsibilities which are to:


  • ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction 
  • monitor and evaluate performance, acting as a critical friend to the Headteacher and leadership team to support and challenge them in running the school
  • oversee the financial performance of the school, making sure money is well spent

In a Voluntary Aided School, the Board of Governors have more specific responsibilities. It falls upon them:


  1. To maintain the original school buildings and grounds (in this case, the Carmelite Order gave buildings which are now the property of the Diocese of Clifton).

  2. To supervise and finance any new extension, structural alteration and external repairs to buildings

  3. To maintain the denominational character of the school.

  4. To appoint teachers committed to the Catholic faith or who are practising Christians in a recognised Christian religion and who support the teachings of the Catholic faith.

  5. To control admissions.

  6. To ensure that the school provides an excellent education that meets the needs of all the pupils.

Interim Headteacher:




Vice Chair:






           Children & Learning Committee:

 Finance, Personnel & Premises Committee:

LEA Representative:

Staff Representative:

Elected Parent Governor:

 Clerk to Governors:

Mrs D Girton

Rev. Louis Beasley Suffolk - Admissions

Mrs A Widelski - Safeguading, SENDCO, Admissions                                                 

Mr M Isaacs

Mr Z Kopyto -  H&S, Admissions

Ms D Mackecnie - Maths, English KS2

Mrs A Widelski - Safeguading, SENDCO, Admissions

Mrs T Scarfe  - RE, English KS1        

Chair - Mrs T Scarfe         

Chair - Mr Isaacs                                          

Mr M Isaacs - H&S

Miss H Whitcombe 

Mrs K Leydon - Admissions

Mrs Sara Stephenson


All parents are entitled to vote for a parent representative on the Governing Body and will be informed of all arrangements for balloting.