Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education is at the centre of our curriculum. In our school we use God Matters and the units of work written by Clifton Diocese, which we supplement where appropriate. We follow guidelines set by the Diocese of Clifton, which includes 10% of the timetable each week devoted to the Religious Education curriculum. 

We teach RE in straight year groups to ensure full coverage of the curriculum for all children. Our RE Curriculum incorporates other faith teaching during specific faith weeks. We will also incorporate other areas of learning each year; this year the children have learnt about Catholic Social Teaching and the Year of Communion alongside the RE curriculum. We also participate in celebrations throughout the year, taking account of the Liturgical Year. 

Children are taught to respect and value the beliefs of others in a non-judgemental environment. We aim for children to develop their religious and moral understanding to sustain them through later life and to help them develop an understanding of Christian beliefs and the faiths of others. 

Relationships and Sex Education

The program we use for Relationship and Sex Education Programme is a scheme approved by the Diocese called Journey in Love. We use this as well as some materials from Jigsaw, the PSHE scheme we follow, ensuring this is taught inline with Christian beliefs and values.

Please refer to the RSE policy for more information.

Please see our Jigsaw Subject Overview for more detail on our PSHE programme.

Dunstan Partnership

We work closely with the Dunstan Partnership in all areas of RE and Catholic Life.