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Apple Class have been really busy. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Gore Farm as an introduction to the topic of On the Farm.  They fed goats, calves and held tiny chicks. They met Snap, Crack and Pop the pigs, and the turkeys Brad and Angelina!  After having a lovely picnic lunch outside, the children went on a fantastic tractor trailer ride, and then a long walk back to the farm.  The walk gave the children the opportunity to collect local grasses and flowers, and other objects that they could talk about.    The farm topic also involved the book Farmer Duck. The children enjoyed this story of the very hard working duck and the very lazy famer who spent all this time in bed eating chocolates.  After being immersed in the story for a week, the children were able to order the story; write about how the duck was feeling; and then write about the lazy farmer.  In the classroom we successfully hatched two duck eggs!  The ducklings were a great favourite with the children and were brought out of their pen so that the children could hold them and then watch them paddling.  The children noticed how quickly the ducks grew in comparison with the tadpoles and caterpillars that we have also had in the classroom. 

The children have been continuing to develop their mathematical skills.  They have been learning single digit addition, single digit subtraction, as well as doubling.  They have approached these new tasks with their usual determination, and although they have found them challenging, they have never given up. 

At the end of this half term our class book was Supertato. This is a fabulous story of a super hero potato and his arch nemesis The Evil Pea.  The children completely engaged with this story and decided which sort of super hero they wanted to be. When Miss Fishlock discovered that The Evil Pea had escaped from the freezer in the kitchen, the children wrote wanted posters which went around the school.  They also helped Supertato to beat The Evil Pea’s cunning plan to freeze the carrots and trap the good peas in raspberry jelly!

A highlight at the end of the half term was the children’s participation in the Crowning of Mary.  The children processed around the school and brought their flowers to Mary.  It was a lovely reflective moment for the children in such a busy half term. 


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 Spring 2 in Apple Class

The Spring 2 half-term  has been a very busy time in Apple Class.  The children have continued to learn new sounds in their phonics and have embraced their learning during Read, Write, Inc.  They are much more confident in their writing and reading.  Thank you for your continued support with regularly hearing your children reading at home – it really makes a huge difference.   In maths the children have been counting to 20, and have begun addition.  We will be continuing this in the next half term and will be including doubling, 3d shape and lots of different ways to measure things.


Our main focus for this past half term has been Spring Is Here!  The children have been out and about around the school looking for signs of spring.  As a part of this topic the children have been immersed in The Very Hungry Caterpillar story.  They have really enjoyed the story and have loved to re-tell it and act it out.  They have made their own caterpillars, and watched with fascination the real caterpillars growing in the classroom. 


We have also looked at the lifecycle of butterflies and of frogs and used our sequencing skills to make sure they develop in the correct order!  The tadpoles have returned from their Easter break and are back in the classroom.  We are looking daily to see if they have developed their legs yet…. but still not yet!  We all dressed up as Monsters for World Book Day, and made preparations for the joy of Easter. The children made Easter cards and hopefully made every Mummy a very well deserved cup of tea. 


The first half of the summer term has a farming topic and we will be visiting Gore Farm where the children will be feeding goats, geese, holding chicks, meeting calves (the farms equivalent of their Reception Class!) and pigs, as well as going on a very exciting tractor ride and then foraging walk.  As the days get longer and warmer, the children will be doing lots more learning outside of the classroom and enjoying the wonderful environment that our school provides.